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The following timeline provides an historic record of the site from 1915 to present day:

Prior to its arrival at Garrison Lane a school was created to train young girls as teachers and evolved into Felixstowe County Secondary School, with buildings around the town,  before moving to facilities at Manor House.



Another move and, this time, here to Garrison Lane with the building of brand new facilities and also a new name - Felixstowe County School.



Various new buildings were added at this site across the decades and in 1936 a library was added on the Newry Avenue side.


The school was used as an evacuee reception centre for children who then went to homes in nearby towns and villages. The school was then used as a military hospital and pupils themselves were evacuated to the Midlands.



A change of name once more with the former Felixstowe County School now becoming Felixstowe Grammar School.



Langley Avenue sports field is acquired and additional facilities are developed including science labs, a gym (with a library added on the first floor later) plus form rooms.

Further building work improved and enhanced the site ahead of another name change - this time to Felixstowe High School for pupils aged 14-18 as part of Suffolk’s comprehensive process.


A range of new buildings are completed including a drama studio, extra classrooms, plus a new gym and sports hall. The school becomes Deben High and reinstates pupils aged 11-18.

The school’s first ever computer room is built in the old Upper School Kitchen.



A brand new science lab and special educational needs block is developed in what was the old chemistry quad.

Following the creation of a loose federation between the two schools, Deben High and Orwell become Felixstowe Academy, based at both the Garrison Lane and Maidstone Road campuses.

The school leaves Garrison Lane after 83 years on the site and moves to its Maidstone Road facilities where a new Academy building in inaugurated.


Following a four-year period in which Felixstowe International College used the site’s facilities, all buildings except the original Hall are demolished.

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